My Commute is AWESOME!

I love biking, road biking, mountain biking,

downhill biking, you name it, I like it. (Okay, maybe not so much the unicycle, they're awefully difficult!) And my bike has had some service done to the front fork and in Sweden that means sending it to Denmark. This has been going on over the whole summer as they have more than one fork to service.

So since I got my fork back I've been ramping up my biking quite a bit and today was a great day for biking. I managed to crush my old record in going to work (5,2 kms, mostly downhill or flat) and the time to beat now is 9 mins and 50 seconds. A sub 10, YES! :)

But it's more the way back from work that is really quite amazing, because I've found a new route home. Yes, it's longer and takes longer, but it's tenfold more amazing!

What I do is that I make sure to catch the last cable car up at around 1545, that takes me almost all the way up to the summit of mt Åre and from there it's (mostly) downhill! YAYAYA! It's about an hour and fifteen minutes if I go the straight way, which I never do. But it is sooo much fun and I am in such a good mood when I get home!

For those of you who are curious as to the route, here's a link to a GPS tracked run.

And, attached are some photos of all the fun.

I wish every commute was like this. Ever.



Let me know what you think, leave a comment below! :)

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