First blog post!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Sebastian and I am a roaming photographer, right now I am based in Sweden but I have lived in France, the UK and Canada.

This blog will be a sort of BTS (behind the scenes) of shoots that I do and it will also feature updates to my business and what I am up to, so that you can follow along on the ride. The blog will update at least weekly, sometimes twice-weekly.

So, a hectic summer is coming to and end. This summer's musical theme has been Volbeat, for photo editing, bike maintenance and such. Weather has been great and the lake has been a very welcome heat release between working the zipline tours. Zip, swim, zip, swim and repeat!

I am a person who likes to do many things at once and being freelance really allows me to focus on what I enjoy and on what drives my motivation. If you follow along on this journey, you will see how my motivators are being outdoors and enjoying nature, on skis, by bike or with a fishing rod in my hand, my most recently discovered favourite pastime.

My next blog will be about my recent trip to Canada for Jon and Vittorias wedding, which reminds me, I need to put those photos up on my site, they are ace! And what a fun wedding!



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